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Valentin Siebert

Gastgeber, Weinliebhaber, Herbalist, Küchenchef Folgt mir

My dear Valentin

My dear Valentin,


On 14th February 2014, my wife Claudia and I, Daniel Siebert, fulfilled our dream of owning our own restaurant. 

We began by furnishing the vaulted cellar paying careful attention to detail. But actually when I look back I think we set sail on our venture without really knowing where the wind would take us. The only thing we had written on our sails was guest satisfaction.

We experimented at first before committing wholeheartedly to fine dining. It has always been important to me to serve food of good quality, just as it important for me to know where our products come from. Originally the most significant feature of this approach was the official organic certification from 2014 to 31.12.2018, but over time I found this to be incredibly bureaucratic. For example, you are not allowed to buy a single organic egg from a local middleman if this person has not been certified as a seller of organic produce, even when each egg is individually signed! Since then I have by no means changed my purchasing policy. I appreciate organic products from the region as much as ever. However, in the meantime I do without the official certification. I buy most of my vegetables directly from a small farm in Vorarlberg. I became fond of it while I was working for one of my possibly greatest mentors, Heino Huber, at the Gourmet Hotel Deuringschlössle in Bregenz. I still treasure many things that I discovered during that time, not least the lovely Wegwarte Bioanbau farm in Koblach. 

One of my less pleasant experiences was on the MS Europa but even this period was part of the journey. I saved money working as a private chef until I had finally earned enough capital for my own restaurant. 

I was born in Lindau in 1986 and therefore feel a deep connection to this whole region and especially to Lindau, a town that I love. Obviously I wanted my restaurant to offer delicious regional fish specialities so it was important for me to have good relationships with local fishermen from Lake Constance. That was the easy part! but the fish stocks in Lake Constance are subject to countless regulations and variabilities, which makes it quite challenging to ensure our dishes feature reliably on the menu.

Lindau`s location in the middle of a wonderful wine region has enabled me to get to know many charming winegrowing families, and inevitably also their very fine wines. These encounters have awakened in me a love of wine and you can now discover over 300 different wines from predominantly European countries here at Valentin.

I base my set style of cooking on seasonal availability. Different dishes appear on the menu throughout the year according to their seasons. 

I am very lucky to have had Claudia by my side for a long time, without whose management know-how and personal flair we probably never would have developed such a pleasant team atmosphere and efficient work ethic in the restaurant. To name just one station in her career, Claudia worked at Bean & Beluga in Dresden alongside Steffan Hermann and Jens Pietzonka, but she has a whole wealth of valuable experience. In 2017 & 2019 we were blessed with two wonderful children, which means Claudia has taken a small step back from managing the business for the time being. Fortunately I had enough time to look over her shoulders while she was at the helm to learn how to steer the ship and she is still a great help to the team. Tip: She is most likely to be found in the restaurant at lunchtime!

This all worked out wonderfully also because I have incredible support from my right-hand man Mark Beastall, who has graced us with his culinary art since 2016 to 2020. 

Madlen Männel is still quite new to our team, we welcomed her in 2020. I have come to know her as a calm presence and reliable deputy in the restaurant. Our guests appreciate her youthful friendliness and her relaxed and natural rapport breaks the ice in no time.

After gaining a wide range of experience in his native Canada, Patrick Miller joined us in 2020. He has proved an additional inspiration in the kitchen.

Of course, a good team only gets results and has fun by working hand in hand. I think of us like the workings of a clock where even the smallest part is significant. On which note I would like to introduce the final and youngest member of our group, Mariam Chavelashvilli, who has been getting a taste for the business since starting her apprenticeship with us in 2019. I really appreciate her charming manner, which I'm sure will delight you too.


And last but not least, no restaurant can be a success without those tireless workers nobody sees but everybody relies on, who help us prepare and clean the food, and wash the dishes! Thank you!


I am incredibly proud to work with such a great team!

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