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Our annual offer is devoted to three major themes.

Seed, Weed, Meat,
each main topic is alternately played with at least 2 different menus

Meat: As the name suggests, the focus here is on meat. From mid-January to mid-March in Valentin.

Seed: The kitchen offers a strongly vegetarian-based menu which, according to the name, is dedicated to seeds and the vegetables that are produced from them. Meat and fish have subordinate roles. From mid-March to mid-September in the Valentin

Weed: With this topic, we decided to use seaweed from the ocean and Lake Constance, which, how should it be otherwise, is accompanied by seafood. A distinctive vegetarian offer and exclusive sea specialties are the milestones here. From mid-September to mid-January.

Valentin Lindau
Valentin Lindau

Valentin Lindau
Valentin Lindau

From seed to palate flatterer

  • WEEDs menu 2021

    WEEDs menu 2021

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